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Funny movies, cool candy, swinging comics, coins from around the world. This is the kiddie pack.   We have a retro pack and a foreign pack and this is a wee bit like those but with content geared more toward the tween age range.  Most of what is in here is recent but a few things go back to the 80's.  The movies are more a mix of sometimes something like a Hannah Barbera or Disney show or movie and sometimes cheap crazy knockoffs like The Littlest Mermaid. But regardless they're all fun.    Comics come in two categories of your choice, either straight up kiddie fare like Casper, Scooby Doo, etc.  or something like older skewing but suitable for all ages like Lumberjanes or superheroes that aren't gory or extremely violent (which are mostly 80's comics really as current comics are very violent).    Each box includes 1 DVD (usually a funny movie or tv show or cartoon compilation),   5 comic books (from the 80's to the present),  8 coins from other countries, and 12 snacks (a mix of candy, chips, cookies, drinks).  The 2nd box to arrive will include 1 old fashioned metal lunch box.  Great place to store all that candy.

The difference of the candy and snacks in this box is that it's geared to kids.  They might be from the present, they might be older retro brands, they might even be foreign brands but the point it they're fun flavors kids like.  The banana wafers might be from Siberia or they might be a retro regional brand that's only sold on the east coast but they're still banana wafers and banana wafers are delicious.  We want to include some recognizable stuff so the kid isn't freaked out but we want to mix things up too.   You can buy M & M's and Milky Ways from the grocery store, you don't need a subscription box for that.  So it's a mix of familiar and unfamiliar.  But it's all geared toward what a kid would likely nothing weird or yucky.

Makes a great birthday present or something for good grades, a great thing they can bring to school to share with friends.  Make sure you mention it's a birthday present in the notes and we'll include a birthday card.   

You should get your box within about 5-8 days unless there's some crazy combo of weekends and holiday.  The point is if it's a present keep that in mind to coordinate their birthday (or Xmas) with the arrival date. 

This is a load of fun.  If you like fun, something different, then go for it.  

Prices INCLUDE shipping cost. We ONLY ship within the U.S.  

If you have peanut allergies please say so in the notes and we'll try our best not to include anything with peanuts.  The operative word is try....some snacks they're hidden, you have to read the ingredients carefully, and a lot of candy makers (especially overseas) don't separate their production from peanut equipment. 

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(Disclaimer; these lunch boxes, comics, and movies you see on this page are random images, we have not chosen yet what to send out so these may or may not be in your box...these images are just to convey our definition of retro.)